Rhetoric IV.I

Rhetoric IV.I
Rhetoric IV.I

2015 is was 10th anniversary year. Dave mashed in his first brew Christmas Eve 2005 and so a latent long-standing fascination with beer, the brewing process, and a desire to elevate beer to a new aspiration was unleashed.

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Back then Hardknott resided in a pub at the bottom of a Lake District pass that bares the same name. Hardknott’s intent is to concentrate on beers that are as progressive and exciting as a ride over the steepest road pass in England.

We’ve made big stouts before. This is another massive stout, but with a difference. We used peat smoked malt along with Duchess and Landlady which are some of the best new English experimental hops from the Charles Faram breading program.


Rhetoric IV.I is the first in a series of beers we will release over the next 12 months. It will take you on a ride through hairpin’s of delight, extreme 1:3 flavour inclines and over the summit of delight into new imbibe valley.

And just to tempt your future, once the New Year rolls in, a small amount of this base beer has been carefully racked into spirit casks. Watch for them coming…….  are here now!!.

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