Designed to have a persuasive
or impressive effect
on its audience

Rhetoric is our experimental, one-off series of beers. Designed to delight the true beer connoisseur. Generally over 10% ABV, always something new and different. A chance for us to experiment with new favours, techniques and to push our own boundaries as well as those of the wider beer world.

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We do not think that beer should be confined to the narrow view that the big multinational corporations push through their glitzy multi-mass media advertising, backed up with massive budgets.

We bring a true craft style to beer that cannot be found in the majority of British breweries. Our Rhetoric series is the epitome of the goal to raise beer to new levels of aspiration. And so you, the beer drinker, can also feel good about choosing beer as your drink of choice.

Serious about beer, contemporary brewers