Queboid is not square. It contains solid geometry encased in its hex-faceted flavour profile and coordinated with its parallelpiped direction makes for a right angled and perpendicular drinking experience. Pale malts face off against a balance of darker grain. Citrus hops tangent with juicy berry notes and a vertex of spiritual alcohol is redirected by the Belgian fruity yeast node.

Queboid pump clip
Queboid pump clip

Or in English, a beer that has influences from three continents: Asia, through the now well known and often miss-quoted legend of the trade between Britain and India, West Coast American hop varieties and the influence of the striking yeast varieties of Belgian Abbey beers.

A strong citrus nose with spicy fruity banana and full on golden syrup flavour to finish with a balance of bitter sweet satisfaction.

Perfect with treacle tart, suet pudding or vanilla ice cream.

Available naturally conditioned in a bottle. Also in experimental keg from time to time and in cask to very special order if you ask especially nicely and give us plenty of time.

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