Infra Red


Infra Red 3d label

Infra Red is an oxymoronic IPA. Of course we all know that IPAs should be pale, and made for India, and don’t get us started on the “A” word.

Well, this beer has never been near India, or even near a ship. It isn’t pale, although at least it isn’t black, as it would clearly be silly to make a black IPA. Think about it, a black beer that uses a TLA1 in which the P stands for pale?

But this beer is at least thinking about being pale. At least, paler than a really dark double imperial stout. It’s relative, as Albert seemed to think.

Some people like beers that are pale and hoppy. Some people like beers that are darker and sweeter. Some people just see red whenever they hear the words “crystal malt” We’ll be honest in saying that not only is there a huge amount of hops in this beer, but also a healthily chug of crystal malt. We don’t believe beer should just fit in a couple of categories. Light and hoppy, or dark and malty. This beer falls somewhere in the middle and we are very proud of that. If you don’t like that, then we don’t care2, tough.

It’s won some awards too, so it just proves some people like it. It won SIBA silver in the North Region Beer Competition 2011 and it’s in the National heat of the Sainsbury’s Great British Beer Hunt.

Infra Red, 6.2%, Deep ruby red, earthy orange and caramel nose, sweet toffee start, peppery dark roast parsnips and a long bitter finish.

Pairs well with roast game and all the trimmings or with rich dark spicy tomato based stews. Darker Indian style dishes like Rogan Josh are also a good match.

Available in firkins, naturally conditioned with live yeast in-a-bottle and more and more often in Craft Keg.


1TLA = Three Letter Acronym

2OK, obviously we do care, that was a typical sort of arrogant comment that comes from Craft Brewers. You know, we just have a bit of a desire to fit in really, and not get left behind. Cut us some slack eh? We’re only human.

Serious about beer, contemporary brewers