Granite is our barley wine. We brew it once a year only. Every year theĀ recipeĀ is a little different, but based on the same basic specification: All the sugar is derived from whole grain from our mash tuns and the ABV should be just over 10%.

Bottle of Granite
Hardknott Granite

So far there are two quite different vintages:

2009 – this is very rare by now as we only produced 504 bottles. A beer that is now developing into a nice little treat, despite it’s young over-the-top exuberance when first brewed. The 30 hours or so of boil time produced a beer that was slightly burnt, with an almost ashtray flavour. Careful storage allows these flavours to subside.

2010 – new equipment enabled a shorter boil of only 8 hours. Far more like a standard barley wine, but we suspect will not develop as well.

2011 – will be extra special, get excited about it now.

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