Cool Fusion

With the rising costs of energy you could be excused for worrying about the future. No beer will permanently solve any of the global issues surrounding mankind’s inexhaustible thirst for finite resources.

Cool Fusion Pump Clip
Cool Fusion

But don’t worry, there will always be beer to help us through. It probably won’t be Panacea to prevent our Armageddon, but it might just make you feel better about it’s inevitability.

In the mean time, be happy that somewhere, someone with a much bigger brain than you or I is drinking beer and lazily doodling on a drip mat. This beer powered intelligence will create eureka moments to further add just a tiny bit to our technological solutions and so secure our future.

Cool Fusion, 4.4% – Very pale straw, grassy nose with a hint of sweet ginger, refreshing hint of spicy flavour and a gentle thirst quenchingly gentle finish. Perfect with delicate oriental food like sushi.

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