Code Black

You’re really inquisitive aren’t you? You simply had to look and see what this is all about. Well, just remember, after you have looked at this page you will have delved into the world of Black IPA, or BIPA1, perhaps, if you prefer. Either way, there is no way back.

Code Black 3d labelBIPA = Black Indian Pale Ale, which is completely contradictory and silly. There really is no point to such a beer and it is just made to keep all those silly beer geeks happy. We brew it because we think that there are enough silly people out there who will buy into this sort of nonsense, but we know that the reader has far more sense than that and will go off and drink some perfectly sensible traditional bitter. Good on you, that’s what we say. These beer geeks are just following the hype anyway, it’s a fad that won’t last.

Now, that’s the secret of Black IPA….. sssshhhhh, don’t let the secret out of the bag. If you do, the boys will be round…………

Code Black, 5.6% Toasty, citrussy, bitter, hints of chocolate and just a little bit too strong to neck in pints all night.

Available in keg, bottle and even that old-fashion cask version on occasions.


1 – BIPA is a CFLA, or Contradictory Four Letter Acronym. This is just getting silly and really ought to be in a completely different parallel universe. End of.

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