Æther Blæc – Aether Blaec

Æther Blæc (7-8.5%) is a vintage beer; It is only made once a year and bears the year that the grist was mashed. It is a whisky barrel aged double imperial stout. The length of time of cask maturation before release varies and this in itself develops vintages of various characteristics. Additionally, the use of casks from various distilleries, often from the same gyle, also produces beers that have unique personalities that might have subtle or overt differences.

Aether Black bottle
Bottle of Æther Blæc

Although various versions have differences there are some running themes in the flavours. This stout has strong roast coffee and bitter chocolate notes, a good dose of fruits of the forest and perhaps some burnt charcoal and ash hints. There is an inevitable vanilla theme from the oak although the levels are dependant on the particular cask and length of time spent there.

This beer is best enjoyed with dark bitter chocolate and rich dark fruit. Fruits of the forest, dark chocolate mouse or chocolate brownie all work very well.

Available naturally conditioned in numbered bottles.

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