Our Beers

We take no compromises over our beer. We love to pack in as much stunning vibrancy into the beers as we can muster. We care about what we brew and our beers are brewed by a team that really cares about getting it right.


Azimuth, 5.8% – A stunning modern Anglo-American IPA. Fruity orange pith nose, peach and apricot skins with a hint of caramel, honeysuckle and sing gorse flowers.

Lux Borealis, 3.8% – This beer is designed to be accessible without falling below the level that we can truly claim is stunning. Light, with just a tiny hint of citrus, grass and herbal. Hints of central European style crispness from the Aurora hops.

Katalyst, 3.8% – Pale refreshing juicy asparagus nose with a summer salad crispness to the middle. Celery and nuts give way to refreshing bite at the end. Perfect with salads. Available as standard in firkins.

Continuum, 4.0% – Our robust regular bitter. Citrus and dark berries on the nose with lots of lemon and blackcurrant flavours with a large and long lasting bitter finish. Great with strong flavoured Northern classics like Shepherd’s pie or Cumberland Sausage and whole grain mustard.

Light Cascade, 3.4% – one of the first beers we ever brewed. Cascade hops right through with just a tiny balance of crystal malt. Refreshing grapefruit thirst-quenching classic. Available as standard in firkins.

Cool Fusion, 4.4% – Very pale straw, grassy nose with a hint of sweet ginger, refreshing mild spicy flavour and a gentle thirst quenchingly mild finish. Perfect with delicate oriental food like sushi.

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