Jobs at Hardknott

We are hiring!

We are always on the lookout for capable people who would like to work in an exciting and progressive brewery. Skills and experience are not always necessary and training can be given for the right person.

What you will need to be able to survive in our demanding environment is an ability to work enthusiastically, with initiative, flexibly and have the ability to take ownership of problems. Some sort of technical background and qualifications might be useful. For example, previous food production experience, engineering or process knowledge might be beneficial. Equally, experience of QA, sales or marketing might just be dandy, providing you don’t also mind humping around sacks of malt or loading casks, kegs and cases of bottles onto the van or pallets. There are many dreary jobs that need to be done by all members of the team, like for instance, cask washing and sweeping the floor.

Of course, if you already have brewing experience or qualifications then it is likely we will be extremely interested in receiving your application.

We sometimes like to think of ourselves as Craft Brewers. This means that although we consider all technologies that have been introduced by 7,000 years of brewing experience down the ages, we refuse to be constrained by preconceived ideas or traditional techniques. We wish to progress our beer forward into the Twenty First Century. If you have knowledge of beer and understand this concept, you might just get along great in our team.

Most importantly we are looking for people who understand that growing a small company, and creating jobs, needs a team that pulls together in the right direction. Equally, committing to the long term goal of creating something really special can generate a satisfaction beyond heavy remuneration, which we can’t provide anyway. The real reward is being part of a local company that is succeeding, generating employment and exporting a great Cumbrian product. With that growth will come the expansion of roles for those involved.

Roles we’d like to fill, but not necessarily entirely by separate people, are;

Lead Production Brewer

Ideally have some knowledge of the brewing process and have some experience or qualifications. However, we are keen to train any suitable applicant who might have transferable skills from another industry. Must be happy to deal with maintenance of recipes, feeding back any changes to continue to improve and develop our range with direction provided by the Head Brewer.

This role will carry a supervisory element and the right person should be able to deal well with people and delegate effectively.Equally, there will be a significant QA and HACCP element to the role. But don’t expect to sit in the office all the time as that mash-tun will sometimes need dug out by whoever is available.

Production and Maintenance Operative

Beer doesn’t make itself. Unfortunately, things also breakdown. We’d love to employ a full-time engineer, but we’re not that big. Well not yet anyway. We’d love to hear from anyone who has a broad knowledge of various disciplines including electrical, process control and mechanical. However, we’d also need that person to be happy to spend time loading empty bottles onto a bottling line, or even taking the full ones and putting them into cases.

Sales and administration

If you think you have what it takes to help develop our markets, take and make sales phone calls, deal with accounts, purchasing and maintain procedural documents whilst also mucking in with production when required then we might just have a job for you.

If you have read this far, are still interested and think you can contribute to our team please forward CV to Unit 10, Devonshire Road Industrial Estate, Millom, Cumbria. LA18 4JS or email

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