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Hardknott Crowd Rewards

Beer is much more than just a fizzy alcoholic liquid.

Hardknott is much more than just a brewery.

For beer, and therefore Hardknott to mean anything we need you, the beer fan, to engage with us.

This site is dedicated to bringing together everyone who loves what we do and encourage you to engage with us, and along the way we’ll be bringing rewards claimable by everyone who joins in the fun.

Hardknott Crowd Rewards site

Intergalactic Space Hopper

Buy Intergalactic Space Hopper on our Webshop

We take beer seriously.

We do not always take ourselves seriously. We’ve been accused of having limited self awareness. But no, it’s not that we don’t know that sometimes we appear a bit silly, we know that often we are a bit silly.

The video to accompany Intergalactic Space Hopper was no different. And here it is.

Intergalactic Space Hopper from Hardknott Brewery on Vimeo.