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Every great brewer likes to experiment, it is one of the things that makes a brilliant brewer really shine. Brewing beers that some folk might even struggle to think of as beer, that are at the edge of what a beer can be is fun, challenging and pushes the skills of a brewer in new directions.

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Our range of experimental, one-off beers are called the Rhetoric range.

Why Rhetoric? well, it’s a little self deprecating really, and takes the mickey out of the need to create flowery BS in order to sell anything successfully. A bit like the paragraph at the top of this page, which borders on hyperbole. In a modern world where us little brewers are fighting just to keep our very existence, when the big boys are trying to fight just to keep market share from us, and in doing so are making a world that still has far too much bland dish water in ubiquitous abundance as an excuse for beer, we have to resort to the same tactics of marketing rhetoric.

This does not mean we do not believe in the message we are trying to get out. Our tiny team are all very enthusiastic about really stunning beer. We are bored of the same old rubbish put out by so many brewers big and small. Often brewed more with an eye on profit. Often more on an eye for mass appeal rather than something really, really exciting and inspirational.


You, the beer enthusiast wants something different. We know you want brewers to keep pushing out new things and pushing back the tide of indifferent and tasteless beers flooding every corner of our world.

OK, so we probably stand as much chance as Canute, but there we go, that’s rhetoric for you.

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