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Elixir of Invincibility

Yet again Hardknott has done it. We’ve been bold, cheeky and just a little bit silly.

Elixir 3d label smWe wanted to show what could be done completely with southern hemisphere hops in a nice big double IPA, hence Elixir of Invincibility was born.

Nose of bananas and pineapple smuggled under a grass skirt, followed by a teaser of biscuit with a crashing wave of fruity hop bitterness and a 10 mile long finish. At least that’s what our tasting panel came up with after several bottles. But then, you can imaging anything after several bottles of a 7.3% beer.

We did make a film, with tenuous links to invincibility, dragons, and various fantasy nonsense. But no goblins. Very definitely no goblins. And the biscuits in the tasting notes are not hobwhatitsnames either.

Elixir of Invincibility from Hardknott Brewery on Vimeo.

Elixir of Invincibility 330ml
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