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Squiddy 3.8%

Squiddy off centre poolDark beer is thick and chewy, right? Heavy with hints of coffee, burnt toast, dark fruit and perhaps even spicy notes of Christmas, it’s not possible to be anything else, is that not true?


This beer confounds the dark beer sceptic. This beer is light, refreshing, crisp and thirst quenching. It’s just the type of beer you might put in your cool box and take to the breach to have with your sandwiches whilst the kids build sandcastles and then bury Granddad.

It’s based on our Lux Borealis, a northern light beer. We’ve carefully injected controlled amounts of squid ink1 into the line when bottling to create a dark tinge with only the slightest hint of the seaside (listen carefully at the bottle top you can hear the sea, seagulls, kids playing  in the sand and even Granddad’s uncharacteristic enjoyment)

But don’t forget to agitate the bottle during pouring: The squid ink settles to the bottom over time. Of course, you could drink the top half pale and the bottom half twice squidded. Or even leave the dregs to drink at the end, but only if you are really hardcore.

Try it, you will be surprised how light a dark beer can taste.


1We’ve actually used cuttlefish ink, sorry. Squid ink is incredibly difficult to get hold of.


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