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Granite 2013 Whisky Cask

Granite Whisky smGranite 2013 is a much dryer version that we’ve previously produced. We managed to get much more those sugars. Just to be really extreme we thought we’d try some in a Islay Whisky cask. Smoky, phenolic, astringent and aggressive. We suggest you don’t buy this is you are afraid of any of those flavours.

This came out at 13.2%, not quite so strong as the rest of our current lot of cask aged beers, but where it lacks in ABV it sure does it’s job with flavour.

Bottled with soft carbonation, store cool, but son’t serve too cold for maximum enjoyment of the big flavours.

There were less than 500 of these bottles made, so you best get some soon, before they all go.


Granite 2013 Whisky Cask
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