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Vitesse Noir Bourbon Cask

Vitesse Noir Bourbon smlYou might have heard about our Vitesse Noir, famous, if nothing else, for upsetting the Portman Group. Well, actually, it seems to be a reasonably popular beer. OK, not that we sell it in gallons to unsuspecting people, more that we do seem to tie-up quite a lot of tank time every year making more of it.

But, this is a digression. The last batch we made, before we bottled it, we put a splash or two into a bourbon cask to mature. As you can imagine, it only goes to enhance those vanilla notes just that little bit more. Also enhanced is the abv, coming out at 14.8%.

Another soft carbonated bottling. We recommend minimal chilling of the beer for optimum enjoyment. Serve un-chilled to chilled-out guests as an after dinner digestif.

There are only around 400 of these bottles available. Get your’s whilst you can.

Vitesse Noir Bourbon 330ml
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