Our Rare Beers (Beer shouldn’t be this expensive)

We have a private stash of all our on-offs. We keep them for our own amusement and to help out with meet the brewer events and that sort of thing.

Originally we thought we’d never sell this limited stock, but then we thought, hang on, everything has a price. Therre must be a price point at which even we’d sell them. It might be higher than any price anyone would be willing to pay, but hey, until we check that out we’ll never know.

So, we’ve assumed that if we only had one bottle left of any particular beer, what price would we be willing to sell it for. We came up with a nominal sum of £1000. Too much? Well, that is what I’d value it at for me. For instance my 2009 Granite is very special to me. I’d like to be able to say I’d never sell that last bottle, but would I really turn down a whole grand for it? No, don’t be silly.

So, on that basis I’ve worked back and calculated, based on existing stocks, what I’d let them go for. This also helps me work out at which point I might start to move current editions into the “rare” allocation.

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