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Infra Red 330ml

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This beer does not conform. Not at all. It calling itself an IPA, but really, it isn’t. Perhaps it should be called a hoppy red ale. Whatever, it’s a great beer. The dogs whats-its perhaps.

This beer is made with buckets of Centennial and Cascade hops. Right from top of the boil, part way through, a little further through, at flame out and then, just for good measure, a shed-load more in dry hopping. It’s a beefy beer, not too dry, we admit. It’s got a backbone built up off way more crystal malt than many would like. It’s not a quaffer, although we know a few fans who will gladly prove me wrong on that. It’s even been know to cause embarrassment in the wrong company, so take it easy.

It’s solid malt body fights off against the strong citrus notes of the hops to give a complex beer that sets it in a world class of its own.


Infra Red 330ml bottles
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