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You like IPA. We like IPA. We make an IPA. Some of you think that a decent IPA makes a great session beer. We couldn’t agree more. Of course, when we say decent, we really do mean decent. There are plenty of faux IPAs out there. You know of whom I’m talking. They give IPA a bad name.

When we set out to make Azimuth we wanted to use the very best of New World Hops. Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Much of the best hops are grown around the Pacific rim, mainly in West Coats USA and New Zealand. So, we picked a blend of the varieties we liked the best and carefully formulated a recipe.

We believe this beer has an exploritry feel to it. In many ways we owe the full global resources available to our forefathers who pushed their own boundaries with seafaring exploration. With no GPS they navigated with the sun and the stars. The word azimuth is a term that describes a point on the horizon relative to North and was used to pinpoint stars in the sky and therefor fix a location in the wild stormy sea.

So, if you are lost in a sea of bland meaningless beer, let our Azimuth show you the way.

Azimuth 5.8%

Azimuth is a directional IPA. It guides you further through your beer journey keeping your bearings straight and true to the cause. Don’t drink too much, lest you become a horizontal bearing.

A zesty orange pith nose with flavours of peach and apricot skins, a hint of caramel honeysuckle and spring gorse flowers

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