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Colonial Mayhem 8.1%

A very long time ago a bloke called Christopher Columbus sailed from Europe and bumped into a landmass that Europe had been unaware of.

Colonila Mayhem Med

For quite a few years Europe fought with each other, and then with people who had originated from Europe and now resided there over these colonies. You see, the people who had moved over there now felt the place should be a country of their own, rather than a down trodden colony of a tyrannical imperialist state. Or some such nonsense.

There were wars, people got killed, which we think is silly, and eventually the United State of America was formed.

Luckily we’re all best mates now.

Oregon became the 33rd state on February 14, 1859. Ted lives there and runs a little brewpubcalled Brewers Union Local 180

. It’s a nice place, in a friendly former logging town of Oakridge in the Willamette Valley.

Ted makes his own interpretation of British style beers and puts it all into cask. The UK cask beer scene and Hardknott Brewery have been an inspiration to Ted.

Oregon, Ted and the American craft beer scene has been on inspiration to Hardknott.

Ted came over to see us late last year. He wanted to make a mild. We wanted to make something crazy. We think this is a good crazy mild that would warm the heart of any imperialist, or for that matter revolutionists alike.

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