330ml bottle of Vitesse Noir

Vitesse Noir 11%

330ml bottle of Vitesse Noir
330ml bottle of Vitesse Noir

This is what you you’ve been waiting for, a triple imperial stout infused with vanilla, coffee and chocolate. We’ve used only the best ingredients in this beer and it packs a mighty punch at 11% ABV.

Don’t let the Government put you off enjoying the very best things in life, just because of a little bit more duty.

“Beer should not be confined to the narrow view of the masses. There is no reason why it can’t be pretentious and bold, challenging and adventurous, modern and cutting edge. Throw away your traditional constraints, leave the safety of your favourite barstool, catch up with the new and vibrant future and explore a world that will change your mind forever.”

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This particular beer was inspired by friend and fellow beer enthusiast, Steven Pejica, who runs the web site AleTalk.co.uk. “We were in a pub one day with Steven when we devised a crazy plan to make a very strong beer full of coffee, chocolate and vanilla” Dave relates the story of how the beer was conceived “We wanted this to be the craziest thing we’ve done so far” So, a few months later, Steven visited the brewery to help out as the first batch was produced.


330ml bottle of Vitesse Noir 11%
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