Our New On-line Shop

We’re just waiting for our premises licence so we can sell our beer direct to the general public. Hopefully it’ll only be a couple of weeks before we’re ready to go live with the shop site. Once it’s working you’ll be able to get any beers we have available in bottle and especially good is the fact that any new releases will go right on there just as soon as they are ready.

Meanwhile, we are extending our beta testing of the shop website to people we know and trust.

If you can think of a really good reason why you should be allowed to take part in our beta testing program then bang an email across to beer@hardknott.com and we willA cash register consider you for selection. If we like the sound of you we will issue you with a username and password so that you can become a site member. You will then be able to get into the Shop area of our site.

Beta testing is just like using the real thing; You use it as if you were a normal customer, and when stuff goes wrong you winge at us, just like a normal customer. We promise to do all we can to sort out the problem, just like we will once we’re out of beta.

The difference is we expect things to be a little more flaky until we iron out any snagettes.

Cheers, and enjoy our beer.